To Your Health Newsletter

To Your Health Newsletter

October, 2020 (Vol. 14, Issue 22)
Chiropractic: Mother Approved

Babies can't tell us how important chiropractic is for their health and wellness, so let's listen to what their mothers said when surveyed about their satisfaction with their child's care and other variables.

Stress Less

3 Overlooked Causes of Stress and How to Eliminate Them

Work It Out

5 Easy Exercises to Get Your Kids Excited About Fitness

Welcome to Herb Central

Top Herbal Formulas for Health and Wellness

Your Heart Will Thank You

The Power of Berries for Blood Pressure

COVID-19 Is Your Motivation to Finally Lose the Weight

We've heard throughout the year that obesity is a risk factor for COVID-19 complications, but now research makes the risk frighteningly clear. This is your motivation to lose the weight.

Don't Forget to Exercise

We're not offering this reminder purely because exercise keeps your body fit and reduces your risk of disease; research also links exercise with improved brain health, in the form of better memory.

Your Body Loves Flavonols

Hopefully flavonols are a part of your daily diet already. But whether you get plenty of flavonols or none, here's one reason why they're an important nutritional component to good health.

Asthma Meds: Bad for Bones

Specifically because they increase the risk of osteoporosis and fragility fractures, suggests research.

The Perils of Belly Fat

Your weight is important, but belly fat may be even more important when it comes to your risk of early death.