To Your Health Newsletter

To Your Health Newsletter

February, 2019 (Vol. 13, Issue 03)
Help Prevent and Relieve
Back Pain: Time to Get in Motion

Whether you're pain free at the moment or in the middle of a painful back episode, you probably wish you never have to feel it again. Chiropractic care is the mainstay for preventing and relieving back pain, but your doctor will also provide useful advice to supplement your spinal adjustments and keep you out of pain. Here's a big one your doctor is likely to mention and is supported by research: Get in motion.

Why You Need a Good Night's Sleep

Time to Refresh, Rejuvenate and Restore

Good for the Heart

Five Easy Ways to Help Avoid a Stroke or Heart Attack

Weight Worries

Why Most of Us Are Overweight and What We Can Do About It

Fitness Principles

Six Common-Sense Strategies to Get in Great Shape Now

Have a Heart: Foods to Avoid ... and Embrace

Heart disease, stroke and diabetes are three of the primary causes of death in today's culture. Fortunately, the common cause is also the solution, with a recent study implicating specific foods as culprits in the disease epidemic and emphasizing better options.

Headache Got You Down? Try Chiropractic

Depending on the type, how long it lasts and the severity, a headache can complicate your day or ruin it altogether. Too many people take over-the-counter pain-relief medication for their headaches, and too few make an appointment to a doctor of chiropractic.

A Heavy Consequence: Bad for Your Kidneys

Putting on too much weight (obesity) can put you in real danger, elevating your risk for a variety of health issues including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea and cancer. Your kidneys aren't safe when you're obese, either, suggests research, even in the absence of kidney disease.

Stay Active After a Heart Attack

Exercise promotes heart health and can help prevent a heart attack; it can also help you live longer after you've suffered one.

The Dangerous Trend in Texting

According to research in JAMA Pediatrics, an alarming percentage of our youth are exposed to inappropriate texts.